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Travel the PTA Way

After 12 years on the road, yesterday was the beginning of a new stage in our travels.

The Plan for 2008 - Travel the PTA Way.
Each year we make a general travel plan. Usually the plan involves selecting where we want to go and at what time of the year. However, this year our plan evolved into how to travel.

The challenge became to travel the PTA Way. To travel by Plane, Train and Automobile(rental) with an occasional cruise ship thrown in.

The First Hurdle
The first hurdle was to reduce our belongings to fit into a small carry-on size suitcase and a computer bag each.

Yes. One suitcase each. Why? Luggage size and weight restrictions on some modes of transportation and our inability to handle more than a suitcase and a small bag at a time.

Into one small, black, suitcase went the acrylic paint set, brushes, a sketch pad, needle punch project and supplies, clothing for both warm and cold weather, toiletries, winter boots, dress shoes and sandals. Just the necessities. And still, sitting on the case to zip it closed was needed. Go figure.

Then decisions had to be made about business supplies. With one Toshiba laptop computer, a laptop printer, an extra external drive plus various cords there wasn't much room for printer paper, cartridges and other supplies in the computer bag.

In the newly purchased, large purse with zipper closing from Penny's went the camera and battery charger, cell phone and charger, address book, deck of cards, reading material and in desperation, the extra PJ's. A decision was made to carry-on the winter jackets. Finally, everything was accounted for.

We were ready to fly. No mourning the loss of the extra coffee supplies and favorite coffee cup. The excess clothing was mailed to Dad's from a post office on the way to the airport. The rental car was returned. The kids and grandkids hugged and kissed and we were free.

So in keeping with the new PTA plan we flew on the first P, one-way from New Orleans, LA to Jacksonville, FL via Nashville, TN on Southwest Airlines. (To be continued).

Question? If you planned to travel for the next year with only one suitcase and a computer bag to carry your belongings, what would you pack?