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I have been very busy the past few months...our travels took us from Las Vegas to Michigan via San Antonio, TX and Baton Rouge, LA, then back to Las Vegas and on to San Francisco for the Dreamforce Cloud Computing Convention. We are currently in Reno for a few days before heading to THETRADESHOW, a travel industry convention back in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, I have made a few guest posts which I wanted to highlight today. I recently completed an Ultimate 3 Day Las Vegas Itinerary for Unanchor.com.

The following is an excerpt from Gaming Destination Diversions

This ULTIMATE itinerary highlights free shows and activities at the famous awe-inspiring themed Las Vegas Casinos plus takes you to a few “off the beaten path” destinations. It's PACKED with advice, insights and helpful maps to guide you through each casino property and includes numerous photos. This handy guide also includes recommendations for meals, shows, activities, entertainment and transportation...

I also wrote a short blog article called "For Future Generations", for TBEX, the Travel Bloggers Exchange here is an excerpt:

“I see the beach!” “I see the beach!” My brother and I would yell excitedly as we rounded the last of the S-shaped curves and the water came into view. We would pull into the tiny township park, pile out of the car and race across the sandy beach to test the temperature of the water. It varied in degrees of cold depending...

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