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Four Days at Sheration Mountain Vista Resort

Avon, Colorado

When we set out from Cheyenne this morning it was a beautiful sunny day. However, by the time we reached Denver and headed west on I-70 dark clouds obscured the mountain tops.

We began to climb, neon signs warned of fog ahead. We climbed higher, up and over the 10,000 foot plus passes, snowflakes began falling. Snowmaking machines were spewing out additional snow at the ski resorts we passed. The mountain tops were obscured.

Suddenly, we dropped down into the Vail Valley, the sky turned a beautiful bright blue and the sun came out of hiding. By the time we arrived in Avon we were well below the snowline.

Our destination, The Sheraton Mountain Vista Resort, in Avon, CO was a surprise. We had received a special invitation to stay earlier in the year. We were assured it was not a ploy to get us to a time-share presentation. When we asked why the special offer we were told it was simply to get us to visit and tell others about the resort. We fell for it.

We received a VIP check-in and were told of all the fine activities in the area, advised of special restaurants and locations were we could receive discounts and about other points of interest. And then the pitch came. If we would go to a presentation we would receive additional bonuses. We declined.

Our unit was very nice with a balcony overlooking the mountains complete with a BBQ grill, a push button fireplace and Jacuzzi. The kitchen didn’t have a stove but the convection microwave served us well. And we availed ourselves of the stacked washer and dryer and spent time at the City Market selecting special treats to enjoy during our stay.

Because we were staying for several days I pulled out my French easel and acrylic paints. The view from our unit was beautiful with the snow covered mountains in the background and the fall colors in the foreground. I thought I would give it a try while Dan worked the stock market on the wireless internet.

We spent one day touring the area via automobile. We visited Beaver Creek Ski Resort and drove along the Eagle River to the nearby town of Edwards. Here we strolled along the Eagle River Valley hiking and biking trail and checked out the quaint shops.

Another day we wandered down to the Eagle River trail from our unit. We stopped to take pictures of the many statues dominating the numerous round-a-bouts.

Along the trail we admired the ski-lifts overhead, colorful trees in their autumn glory and watched the fly fishermen tossing out their lines. Even though our resort had an excellent fitness area complete with several indoor and outdoor hot tubs, I always enjoy walking outdoors.

All to soon, it was time to hit the trail again. Today we head for Moab, UT.

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