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The Angel and the Dolphin

It was Sunday. Two days before we had realized the condo we had found the previous weekend would not be available. First, we had been told it would be ready on the previous Wednesday, then it would not be ready until that Saturday. Late Friday evening we learned it would not be ready for at least an additional week and that the price had doubled! We had just wasted a week.

We spent Saturday on the Internet re-looking at our options in the Jacksonville Beach, Florida area. We found a house that sounded great. It was the right price, but it was six blocks from the beach in a high traffic area. It did have a piano, a plus. And, it would be available the next weekend. But, we couldn't actually look at it. It was currently occupied, a minus. It was a possibility.

Dan continued to search on-line and make phone calls; I stood out on the balcony overlooking the pool and the beach. As my gaze wandered over the pool I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was an angel. It floated and drifted on the surface of the pool. The angel's perfectly formed shadow, outlined 4 ft. below the surface, caught my attention first.

Let me explain. Earlier that morning I watch as the pool guy sprayed the tiles with something that created the bubbles that formed this wonderful shape. Could this be a sign of pending good luck in our search?

That evening I once again stood on the balcony of the Comfort Inn watching the sun set over the Atlantic. I thought about our day. We had looked at another condo. It was on the third floor, no elevator. It was a shot-gun type arrangement with a balcony overlooking the beach. It was to small.

We were currently waiting to look at another prospective place that had great potential. Suddenly from the corner of my eye I spotted a dolphin riding the crest of a foaming wave. Was this another sign that we would end our search today?

Yes. Absolutely. The place was nearly perfect. A three bedroom, cape cod style apartment on the upper floor of an older home just one block from the beach. We moved in two days later and have already extend an extra month. I love it.

So, could the sightings of the angel and the dolphin that kept my spirits high all that day have really help us find Seagate Cottage?


mike said...

Sounds wonderful!

I cannot wait to see the picture of the place. So, what are some of the things people can do where you are at: I have not been to Jacksonville Beach . . . Any unique food or places to see?

Vickie said...

Thanks, Mike.

I am currently working on getting pictures posted. Keep reading to learn more about the Jacksonville Beach area.