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Bikes, Sneakers and Trivia

Last evening, we got out the bikes and peddled down the well marked bike lane to the Jacksonville Beach city center area.

We secured our bikes to the bike rack conveniently located in the adjacent parking lot and entered Sneakers Sports Grill. It was originally partially owned by the famed right guard of the Jaguars, Tony Boselli. During the NFL season, a local TV station broadcasts their Jaguars Show from here.

We requested a seat outside in the "open air" patio area that faces 1st street. The garage doors (walls) were open, the breeze cool, the noise level just bearable and the drinks overly large. It was happy hour and instead of two drinks we each received one very large, tall glass.

While we munched on Spinach and Artichoke Dip served with nacho chips, we watched the traffic go by, listened to the younger crowd behind us note with amazement that one set of their parents we still together after all these years, they actually went to prom together. Wow!

And we played trivia...Well, actually it was pretty sad. The monitor that displayed the questions was mounted in a corner and the glare interfered with our ability to see the questions. Right. Then on the rare occasions when we actually knew the answer, I was so slow locating the correct number on the blue, portable keyboard we ended up with just under 1000 points per question anyway.

In the end we decided we really need to watch more TV. How do we know who Sponge Bob practices boxing with? It wasn’t until we were ready to leave that I discovered I could have changed my answers at anytime! We came in third, out of the three teams participating.

We were back at the cottage before dark. However, I am still wondering, "Is it possible to get a DWI when peddling a bike?"

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