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Palm Trees in Acrylic

The severe weather on Friday kept me from the beach. It was actually a good thing. With drawing pencil and paint brush in hand the creative urge struck. That is until the light on the sun porch gave way to to the gloom.

Actually, my first drawing project came about several days ago due to a search of the Internet. It's been nearly 20 years since my last serious art project. Needless to say, I have forgotten much of what I studied, practiced and taught then.

My search took me to a basic drawing site. Using the basic shapes of a circle and rectangle I captured the shape of a wine bottle, not exactly great art but it was a start. The site also talked about the basics of using acrylic paints.

Starting at square one with a color chart/wheel I applied paint to paper. Actually, I discovered I don't actually like the feel or effects of the paint on the paper (Canson, Canva-Paper) and graduated to a small 16X20 canvas panel. With any luck it will fit in the bottom of the suitcase when we hit the road again.

My project is taking shape. I blocked in the background sky, sea and sand. Then came the foreground palm trunks and lifesaving building. What I learned... Remember to use a straight edge or tape when painting straight lines and pillars should always be attached to the roof... Oh, well.

The next step is to practice palm leaves on paper, straighten out my mistakes, work on the details and then decide if the boardwalk should be included.

Do you have a favorite site or blog that teaches art basics? What is your favorite medium?


Anonymous said...

Looks good......

M G said...

Sweet! I like it so far...Is this something you can see from your sun room?