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Weekend Exploration and Friendship

After a month at the beach we ventured out this weekend. On Friday, Dan walked down and picked up a weekend rental from the local Hertz company. Then we spent the afternoon laying in supplies for the coming month. We mainly purchased items to large or bulky to carry. We also slipped in a visit to the movie theater, to see "10,000 B.C".

Saturday was exciting. We meet up with my lifelong friend, Jane and her husband at the Jacksonville Airport. Even though we can go years without a word, when we see each other it's as if only a day has passed. Everyone should have at least one special friendship like this...

Their plane from Michigan was delayed by a 1/2 hour. No problem. We found comfortable rocking chairs in the center court area between the three concourses where we were entertained by a very talented local musician playing Kenny G type music while we waited. We quickly spotted them as they exited the concourse. They reported that the plane was delayed due to high winds in Atlanta...we later heard on the radio about the horrible tornadoes that hit the area and saw the damage on T.V.

After visiting and making plans for the up coming week while we enjoyed ribs at Sticky Fingers, we armed our friends with maps downloaded from the Internet and they headed south on 95 for their time share at the World Golf Resort. We took our map and headed out to find the Amtrak terminal to pick up tickets for our next adventure. More about that in April...

Sunday found us on the road to the World Golf Resort and the home of the Golf Hall of Fame. According to Wikipedia, the Golf Hall of Fame is unusual among sports halls of fame in that a single site serves both men and women. It is supported by a consortium of 26 golf organizations from all over the world.

Grande Villas at World Golf Village®, a Bluegreen® Resort, is a country-club style vacation residence with every comfort and amenity. The resort features spacious one- and two-bedroom villas that make you feel right at home in a carefree setting overlooking the 17th and 18th holes of the famous Slammer & Squire golf course.

We picked up our friends and headed to St. Augustine, the nations oldest city. We wandered the historic cobblestone streets, paused for pictures in front of the oldest school house, visited over crab cakes at OC Whites established in 1790, sampled ice cream at one of the quaint shops and then headed back to the resort for a quick swim, followed by a soak in the hot tub. It was nearly 10 p.m when we returned to Neptune Beach.

To soon the weekend was over and the car returned until our next adventure.

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